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Specializes in all Ear, Nose, Throat and Sleep Related Disorders for over 35 years in Maryland We have Offices and Sleep Labs in Greenbelt, Glenn Dale / Bowie, & Clinton, Maryland

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The Words Of Our Patients


John Adams

John Adams Patient/Sleep Apnea

ENT & Sleep Specialists is an amazing place. I used to deal with this condition going from one hospital to another until I payed a visit to Dr. Patel and his great team. I feel great now and after a few months of treatment I sleep through the night.

Monica B

Monica B Patient/ Sinus Infection

Thanks a million ENT & Sleep Specialists! I used to deal with this ongoing sinus infection combined with allergy every couple of months. After a successful diagnose by Dr. Patel and his team now I can breathe freely. I will recommend this center to anyone, they know what they do.

George Smith

George Smith Patient/ Snoring

I used to have quite a problem with snoring for almost 25 years. My wife and kids were suffering too, I had to do something about it. At my first stay at ENT Center they did a full analysis and tracked my sleep through the night. I felt never better, I was recommended a CPAP device by Dr. Patel and they followed my results every week. I stopped snoring recently and my condition is getting better.